About The Trust

Founded on the strong belief that with partnership and collaboration we can improve the outcomes for young people, The Partnership Trust is proud to be a diverse family of schools consisting of special schools, village schools, first schools and primary schools based in the city of Bath and beyond.  

The Partnership Trust is built upon the principles of equality, trust and respect, operating within a culture of shared challenge and support.  As a Trust we do not seek to make all schools the same and celebrate each school’s unique characteristics, heritage and community. We are committed to providing an outstanding education for all of our pupils through an unrelenting focus on every child and their individual progress and attainment, pairing high quality teaching with the widest possible opportunities.  

In order to enable each school to focus their time and resources on teaching, our role is to collaborate and support; provide strong and flexible shared services; put in place high quality school improvement and to have a robust, effective and transparent governance system. Each school retains oversight of their own day to day management but operates within the shared values and commonly agreed practices of the Trust.