‘The Partnership’ is an established and growing Multi- Academy Trust (MAT) created to enable the close collaboration between schools across the Bath/Keynsham/Radstock and Frome/Shepton Mallet areas. The Trust is characterised by a diverse range of schools at different stages in their development journey. The schools share a number of important principles that include; a belief in child centred learning, mutual respect, and a strong sense of equality. These principles are underpinned by a firm belief in the value of collaboration to ensure all children attending our schools experience a high quality learning environment that results in outstanding levels of progress and attainment. A strong focus upon the professional development of all staff is seen as key to the successful future of our pupils and students. This is facilitated through an effective school development team, the positioning at the centre of the Trust of The Bath and Mendip Partnership Teaching School and the identification of training and career development opportunities across all our schools. The Trust has a long history of being an outward looking organisation. Schools within the Trust are encouraged to develop and maintain their own local networks and to share with colleagues across the Trust their experiences, in particular ‘best practice’, in order that all our children benefit from cutting edge education provision. The purpose of our Trust is the education of our children. Every Trust employee, no matter what their role, contributes toward the quality of our children’s learning experience. It is our ambition to deliver outstanding outcomes through all we do.