Change of Name:   Please note that the Trust was formerly known as The Bath and Mendip Partnership Trust.  The organisation’s name has been changed to The Partnership Trust to better reflect the geographical location of the schools and to embody the vision, values and ethos at the heart of the Trust.

Covid-19 update:  All schools within The Partnership Trust are reviewing their  risk assessments and procedures regularly and in line with Government guidance.  You can find out more about Government Guidance for schools here. Should you wish further information on your child’s school’s risk  assessment please contact the school office who will be able to assist.

Welcome to The Partnership Trust

Founded on the strong belief that with partnership and collaboration we can improve the outcomes for young people, The Partnership Trust is proud to be a diverse family of schools which include Special Schools, small village schools and ‘city schools’ based in the city of Bath and beyond.

The Partnership Trust is built upon the principles of equality, trust and respect, operating within a culture of shared challenge and support.  As a Trust we do not seek to make all schools the same and celebrate each school’s unique characteristics, heritage and community. We are committed to providing an outstanding education for all of our pupils through an unrelenting focus on every child and their individual progress and attainment, pairing high quality teaching with the widest possible opportunities.  

Did you know you could train to teach with us?

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