With origins lying in Fosse Way Special School, The Partnership Trust was formed in 2011 to enable close collaboration between schools across the area and was characterised by a diverse range of schools at different stages of their development journey.  The Trust grew to include primary and first schools across the Bath and Frome area and the development of a new special school.  In 2018 The Partnership Trust joined with The Comenius Trust, a Trust formed in 2016 with a lead school of Weston All Saints Primary School which is a large primary school that, like Fosse Way School, has been judged as outstanding for a number of years.  In September 2017, The Comenius Trust opened a new primary school on the edge of Bath – Abbot Alphege Academy.

Both Trusts shared the same ambition, to deliver outstanding outcomes through all that they did, and were driven by a desire to build close collaboration between schools across the Bath and Mendip areas.  Coming together as The Partnership Trust, enables strengthened training and career development within the schools, an exceptional school development team and opportunities across the Trust for colleagues to share their experiences, especially good practice, in order that children benefit from cutting edge education provision.   With a firm belief that every employee no matter what their role, contributes towards the quality of the children’s learning experience, staff benefit from support from colleagues within the new Trust as well as being encouraged, as part of an outward looking organisation, to maintain other networks.