The Partnership Trust is a multi-academy trust. Ultimate responsibility for the Academies within it rests with the Board of Trustees however, some of the work of the Trust Board is delegated to the Local Governing Bodies (the Governors of the respective Academies).

Being a School Governor is a key and strategic way to bring about an informed change within schools and Governors represent a powerful force in the drive for school improvement. As a Governor you will be able to bring your beliefs, values, views and experience to help influence the vision of the school.

Individual Governors have a real opportunity to contribute to discussions that affect all aspects of school life. As a Governor you will have an opportunity to help give children a good experience at school, one which they both enjoy, and which enables them to develop.

Each Local Governing Body (LGB) is a sub-committee of the Board of Trustees and has delegated powers.

Details of the governance structure of The Partnership Trust can be found here

Members of The Partnership Trust Board 

Chair of Board of Trustees : Nick Jones
Chair of Audit Committee : Steve Murphy
Representative from Local Governing Body: Tony Caisley
Without Criteria: Hillary Allom

Composition of the Trust Board 

Full details of our Trustees terms including their terms of office; attendance at meetings and business interests can be found here

Composition of our Local Governing Bodies

Further details of our Local Governing Bodies can be found on the website of each of our academies

Farmborough Church School

Fosse Way School

Hayesdown First School 

Marksbury CofE School

Moorlands Schools Federation

Nunney First School

The Mendip School